Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I was raised in a healthy-eating household. My father, the main cook, is vegetarian- so we always had those weird funky meals growing up. (Heya, Dad- tell the story about your one son's first fast-food experience!)However, we also ate some "naughty" things, too. I think my parents did a good job educating us about food- that is why I prefer food from the real old macdonald over his fast-food counterpart. Here is an interesting piece I just read:

Junk Food for Kids

My kids are healthy and they eat fast food

by Bari Nan Cohen

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  1. At Hannah's request, here's my version of the story (which I can get away with because the four guilty parties are no longer able to object--out loud at least): Despite what Hannah says about being funky, we were a nice, run-of-the-mill vegetarian family living in the hills of rural Puerto Rico. We sent our eldest, 3-year-old Christopher, to spend the summer with both sets of grandparents in Buffalo. While there, he got taken to McDonald's and every other fast food place of the day by one set of grandparents or the other for a whole summer and came back to us weighing, I'm sure, almost 10 pounds more than when he left. That was the end of our happy, no-meat/fish/fowl household, and one by one, his siblings followed suit.