Saturday, November 27, 2010

Milk Share: Now this is humanism at its best

Breastmilk Donation

And, once again, mother's are told how to mother by those who are not mothers

My girlfriend was over last night with her 4-month-old monkey (who is oh-so-cute!) and I gave her some Hyland's Tablets to soothe his aching gums.  I had used these tablets with my babe because I did not want to give him any non-herbal medication unless absolutely necessary.  The tablets worked wonders for him, and we have shared them with many friends who have returned to us with joyous thanks.  When suggesting the tablets, I am always sure to tell parents that they contain belladonna- which can be poisonous.

My opinion about Hyland's Tablets- 1. pharmaceutical companies own a lot of the government (not really, but you know what I mean) so I am not surprised the FDA would ban something that doesn't bring in money to big business- 2. the FDA also has to protect itself just in case something goes wrong with a product, so I would not be surprised if they did this ban because they were pressured and are simply protecting themselves.

Here are some links to help you better understand the product and help you to make a more informed decision:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Your Posts

Hi Monkeys!

I have had many suggestions for sites and links to add to this blog.  I decided that I should simply create a post that enables you all to add these gems yourselves.  So if you have any suggestions for: links, books, stores, etc., please add them on here as a post comment.