Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I Buy Non-Bleached Diapers...

Pampers have been the diaper used for babe since he was born; we tried Huggies and Luvs, but both caused rashes (this was true for my sister's son, too).

Up until recently, I have used Pampers.  I stopped using them and started to buy non-bleached diapers (e.g., Earth's Best and 7th Generation)just a couple months ago because I suddenly thought, "Hmm...why would I want my child to have a bleached anything on his body- especially a bleached diaper, which is in direct contact with his skin every moment of the day (minus bath-time).

Interestingly when I started using non-bleached diapers, something wonderful son, who has had eczema since infancy, suddenly did not have eczema anymore!

Now just this past week my husband ran to the store to get diapers (my son was wearing a swimmie at this moment!) and he returned with Pampers.  Okay, I thought, we can use this one box- don't be so crazy about this!  But once again, something interesting son's eczema came back.

So I decided to look into bleached diapers this morning and I found this news story...guess this isn't new, but I didn't know about it til today:

Parents claim new diapers cause severe rashes

Fri Apr 30, 10:13PM PT - KVUE-TV Austin 2:48 | 794 views

DALLAS - Calling it the biggest innovation in 25 years, Proctor and Gamble's new Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers with Dry Max have only been on the shelf for a little over a month and there are…

Now my son's eczema is not as horrible as these rashes, but for those of you who have it or have a child who has it, you know it is at least uncomfortable and, at times, very painful.

Like all things, a change from bleached to non-bleached diapers might not be right for you, but just think about it- that can't hurt, right?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

some light reading


i broke a vase at my great-grandfather's house when i was five here come sit on my lap
he said don't feel bad about that vase i didn't like it anyway you helped me get rid of it i
knew better but let him comfort me while i felt secretly bad inside did you know that my
own mother said i was her worst boy no i said that can't be true oh yes he said and she was
right i made accidents happen all the time i didn't really mean to do bad things they just
came upon me when i wasn't paying attention when i was five my brother and i chased the
goose in the barnyard until it fell over dead we propped her up in the fence so she would
appear to be interested in the grass on the other side what happened my father noticed
that the goose did not move all day we got spanked should i get spanked too for the vase
not in my house he said.
"accidents" by Marcia Popp, from Comfort in Small Rooms. © Black Zinnias Books, 2009.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I was raised in a healthy-eating household. My father, the main cook, is vegetarian- so we always had those weird funky meals growing up. (Heya, Dad- tell the story about your one son's first fast-food experience!)However, we also ate some "naughty" things, too. I think my parents did a good job educating us about food- that is why I prefer food from the real old macdonald over his fast-food counterpart. Here is an interesting piece I just read:

Junk Food for Kids

My kids are healthy and they eat fast food

by Bari Nan Cohen

Monday, October 4, 2010

1 monkey, 2 monkey...

So, surprise, surprise...we found out we're having a little Murphy coming to join our family.  Wow this was an unexpected occurrence, yet one that we are totally psyched about.  And the pregnancy journey so begins....

Any suggestions for local prenatal yoga and/or pilates?