Monday, October 4, 2010

1 monkey, 2 monkey...

So, surprise, surprise...we found out we're having a little Murphy coming to join our family.  Wow this was an unexpected occurrence, yet one that we are totally psyched about.  And the pregnancy journey so begins....

Any suggestions for local prenatal yoga and/or pilates?


  1. Congratulations Hannah! We are so excited for another little monkey. :)

  2. WOOHOO!! I know I spoke to you yesterday but can't help continuing the celebration! The boys are SO excited as are we! Love you!!

  3. Thanks, sisters! I went for bloodwork today, so we should find out how far along this babe is! This is just too weird...

  4. The first one is so cute. The world needs more babies like him. Lovedad

  5. Hi Friends,

    This is difficult for me to write. As most of you know, I was recently surprised when I discovered I was pregnant. However, I have just heard today that it was a false positive. Although Chris and I were at first unsure of the unexpected news of a new child, we soon welcomed it and rejoiced. So although there never really was a wee one to lose, the loss is still felt.

    I want to thank you so much for your excitement and support.

    I am sure it was just not our time. And at least this taught me that I am open and ready when God decides it is time.

  6. I'm sorry Hannah. I understand you and Chris must be very disappointed and sad. I'm thinking of your both. xoxo.