Thursday, September 30, 2010

the next best after breast

So I have been wondering what milk I will introduce to my son once he finally weans.  Being lactose intolerant myself and being aware of the sick things done to dairy cows today, I am leaning towards Almond Milk or Rice Milk.  Here is some research.  What do you think?


  1. We've always offered organic milk to the boys but they have also do not have an allergy to it either. Even after reading the link, I would still lean more towards cow's milk as an option for Declan. Have you considered goat's milk? There are as many benefits to it than cow's milk with fewer allergic tendencies plus the availability of goat's milk has increased dramatically over the past few years. (In other words, Wegmans should have it)

    While turning to almond or rice milk is understandable if he has an allergy to cow (or goat's) milk, if he does not, there are just too many benefits for his growing body to not at least offer them to him first. Just my 2 cents. :)

  2. I second to start with the organic milk. I think the rice and almond are good, but rice milk says to consult a doc 1st if giving to children under like 4, I think, and those things are still processed. Give something close to natural as possible. I had to try soy and rice with the kids because of their allergies and belly issues, but now they can have regular milk. I think TJ was having sensitivity issues with soy so I stopped and tried rice, which he hated. My kids never really drank or ate until they were like 2... only BF... I guess it is just trial and error. We don't drink a ton of milk, but we go through yogurt like crazy. We all love the Wegmans super yogurt, it's organic and has lots of good things. I use to make TJ my own yogurt drinks with it and he loved them...