Wednesday, September 22, 2010

listening to what my child wants and needs even when my feelings may be hurt by those wants and needs

My son is now approaching one year, and he has rarely used a bottle. From the outset, he nursed when physically and emotionally hungry.

I recall buying a package of bottles prior to his birth- thinking I should be prepared to bottle feed at times. My mother delicately snickered at my purchase and asked how many bottles I planned on using in a given day. Hmm...I decided two bottles would suffice. And they have- I have sparsely used them. My son actually preferred a cup to a bottle when he couldn't have the breast.

Anyways, I digress...

Today Declan was too busy for me. This is becoming a regular thing- the world offers too many possibilities- he is letting me know he is ready to explore- he is not missing out on the goings on even if it means a hungry belly.

Not wanting him to starve...well, you know...I pumped into a bottle and handed it to him. I honestly did not think he would accept it- really, in my heart of hearts, I did not want him to accept it. But he did. He grabbed that bottle like it was the holy grail and went on his way merrily.

Well, my heart broke a little at that moment. But in listening to his wants and needs instead of my own, I had taken a new step in motherhood and so too given him the freedom to take a new step in childhood.

And don't worry- my broken heart was soon mended when he later approached me, reached up longingly, and dropped the bottle. Oh sweet victory.


  1. That's because he found out all the things the bottle doesn't have that you do.

  2. Always with the silliest yet true comments, KEN:)