Monday, December 6, 2010

Watch this video: Some people are simply absurd

Extended Breastfeeding Is Like Giving Babies Soda


  1. Hannah, this article/video is very interesting and intriguing! I am all about breastfeeding, but honestly, Claire the midwife made me think about this "issue" a little more. At first i thought: OMG, what is she saying?!?!, but then ... hmmm. I remembered something. A long time ago I read an article about how bad it is to give your child food as comfort or as a prize for say behaving well, because this can lead to food attachment or to using food as comfort when they get older (even adults). You know: you feel down and you crave something sweet, for example. Or chicken wings, whatever.

    So could it be that Claire is right to a certain extend, however absurd her statements seem at the first glance? Could breastfeeding at the age of three lead to this kind of attachments or wrong associations?

  2. Ves, I would be very wary of anyone, let alone a medical professional, who compares breastmilk to pop. Breastmilk is not full of sugar that is bad for our babes- nor does it contain addictive, processed components. It is as natural as you can get. Furthermore, in other countries, where the woman is encouraged and supported to breastfeed, nursing continues up to the age of seven. In England, for example, the medical community recommends that a mother nurse at least until the child is 2 years old (at least). In the U.S., on the other hand, women are asked to breastfeed until at least 6 months...hmmm...why the massive difference? We are all of the same species- breastfeeding is a universal act- so why is it that women in the U.S. are bombarded with nonsensical comments and made to feel as if we are harming our children? I could go on and on about how individualistic and capitalistic our society is, but I won't bore you. However, I will say that I much prefer a collectivist lifesyle- one that has served the human race very well from the outset. LOOK FOR An UPCOMING POST FROM ANOTHER MIDWIFE WHO THINKS THE MIDWIFE IN THIS VIDEO MAY HAVE MISSED A CLASS OR TWO...